Animal Inspired Olly Womble Website Launch

Olly Womble is an online shop specialising in animal inspired homeware and gifts. Named after their own pet dog Olly Wombles’ niche is all things animal, from soft furnishings to kitchenware.  

Referred to Razor Smile by recommendation Olly Womble wanted a website that would initially build upon the success they acquired via their Amazon based shop but develop in to a self-sufficient opportunity in the future.

Unique Branding & Website Design

 We were able to produce a unique custom-made design complete with logo, marketing and promotional material. We utilised an earthy, rich colour palette with elements of nature in to the design.

To ensure that the site had the ability to both enhance and capitalise on current Amazon based gains Razor Smile produced a paper based voucher that was included in Amazon purchases and entitled the user to a discount on their first purchase. Using the Drupal platform combined with Drupal commerce we were able to take advantage of such features to aid in the promotion of

It was important that the site be easy to use for both user and editor with a minimal checkout and a shopping experience that was minimally invasive.  

Dedicated Server For Better Search Engine Optimisation

We ensured Olly Womble was located on a superfast server. The site performs well on Google relying solely on organic results without search engine optimisation or paid adverts.

Razor Smile were responsible for all of the following features: 

  •     Drupal Commerce
  •     Logo Design
  •     Newsletter
  •     Branding and Marketing (stickers, b/cards, flyers)
  •     Photography
  •     Website and image enhancement training

Confident in their abilities Olly Womble have continued to maintain their website and expand their product range with continued success.