Global Media & Broadcast Website Launch

Razor Smile have been behind the recent launch of a brand new website focusing specifically on the Media and Broadcast community. The Media and Broadcasting sector has grown significantly recently due to the demands of live broadcasting.

Convergence Group have signed up a community of household names such as two of the worlds most famous Premiership football clubs, The Farm, ANN, Riverside Studios and many many more TV Channels across the globe. The sector specific website and marketing collateral have been designed to provide the company with even more credibility now that the Convergence Group are competing with established global providers.

The Media & Broadcasting website is built around a powerful content management system. which features all of the following:

  • Powerful Content Management System
  • Blog and Mailing List
  • Interactive Product/Service Wizard
  • Client Portal
  • Forwarding of Specific Pages
  • PDF Downloadable Documents
  • Web Analytics