Writing Text For Search Engines

Search engines do not care for a good looking website, they have one interest and that is in your juicy text.

When compiling text we advise that you research the keywords that would most likely bring your site quality traffic. Interlace these keywords within your text to encourage search engine results.

Use the Google keyword search to find  search terms. https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Do not steal your text from another website as your site will be banned by search engines. We will never knowingly add stolen text to a website we are creating. Using stolen content puts you in breach of your servers’ terms and conditions.

As a UK based website you must compile a privacy policy which outlines how you intend to use the information collected. We do not charge to add this page. There are many privacy policy templates available for free use; simply search Google for examples.

Other essential items required by law are a terms and conditions page and, should your company be limited, your company and VAT registration number. As a UK trading company you must display your business address.