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Razor Smile have recently completed the design of an IT Supply Chain Selection Consultancy Agency who obtain the best IT services, products and solutions from the best suppliers and at the best price. Their services vary from simply assessing client’s documentation, shortlist or scoring criteria, right through to a complete turnkey selection service.

The project included the design of a CMS website, a simple PDF brochure and some social media images for the likes of Twitter and Facebook.The website was designed using HTML 5 which gives developers more flexibility which enables more exciting and interactive websites more power and efficient applications.

On completion of the website Steve Rowland commented:

Web Design Common Tips & Tricks

Before a project can commence it is important that we have a firm understanding of the result that you wish to achieve. When we have enough information we can proceed to the next step and create the first mock-up images of your website.

Firstly, we would like to know your style and for this we need a few examples of the styles that you appreciate. As you travel about the internet and your daily life, we encourage you to keep anything that inspires you and share it with us; cut out images from magazines, print website screen shots, share links to favourite websites or scribble your ideas down on paper.

There are three main elements to a sites design – page layout, style and colours.

1. Website  Design Page Layout

Ideally we would like to see two examples of page layouts that you like…

  1. Home - the page you first land on.
  2. General - a more general text heavy page.

Your main home page can be more unique and flamboyant than other general content pages such as an ‘About’ page.

Security Provider Launch Fully Loaded Website

Our latest addition to our security industry portolio is Leisuresec PLC a company based on the outskirts of Birmingham and Coventry. Leisuresec PLC is the pre-eminent solutions provider in the security marketplace.

While constructing their latest website design we were aware that functionality was imperative, thus we felt that a static site design no longer had a place with in this particular project.

The Leisuresec PLC site functions fully using a single content management system (CMS) platform powerful enough to be the driving force behind this feature laden website which include all of the following below:

Setting The Standards With Web Standards

We aim to maintain a higher standard of website and for this reason we always aspire to the W3C Web Standards high level of expectation.  We strive to ensure that sites carry the W3C quality label where ever physically possible. Listed below are five reasons why we use W3c Web Standards.

1. Accessibility
Accessibility is probably the main reason why we strive to use web standards and this not only means allowing the web to be used by people with disabilities, but also allowing web pages to be understood by people using browsers other than the usual ones – including voice browsers  for people with sight impairments, Braille browsers that translate text into Braille for the blind, hand-held browsers with very little monitor space, teletext displays, and other unusual output devices.

Designing a website to web standards is a major step towards solving this problem because it will help ensure not only that traditional browsers, old and new, will all be able to present sites properly, but also that they will work with unusual browsers.  

Website Design Stratford Upon Avon

The brief for the new website design was for that of a site that could be easily managed by the staff at Detectnology. It's purpose is to catalogue the services and products that the company has to offer however the ability to buy online was not required.

The new Detectnology website is built around a powerful content management system most commonly used by our designers here at Razor Smile, thanks to its features and security awareness. We also felt that, should Detectnolgy choose to expand to ecommerce in the future, this CMS could be easily adapted with minimal cost, unlike that of its static website counterparts.

The website features all of the following:

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